White Lies and the Burnt Silk Shirt

Every time you tell an untruth, every single time, it blocks you from being able to connect with anyone. Why would you wanna do that? Enjoy my video or read the transcript below:

One of my students that I’ve been mentoring had a really interesting habit of telling these little white lies.  To keep her from getting in trouble.  Copping to the fact that maybe she forgot to do something and she didn’t wanna feel like she blew it.

So she’d lie and pretend it didn’t happen.

A good example, I as in Thailand with her, and she was ironing this dress for me because I was in a hurry, and I said, you know, she’d asked if she could help me get ready, and I said,

“Yeah, can you iron this silk top for me?”

And she said, “Sure.”

And she’s ironing it, and I’m in the bathroom putting my makeup on, and a little while later she goes: “Janet, Janet, someone burned your outfit.”

I said, “Someone burned my outfit?”

And she holds it up and there’s this big hole in my beautiful brand new silk blouse, and I went “Someone burned my outfit?”

She goes, “Yeah, it must have been, you know, when you got it dry cleaned.”

And I said, “Well, you know, I would’ve noticed that. Are you sure you didn’t burn my outfit?”

“Oh no, no, no, I would never do that.”

I said, “Now, okay.” But my inner self was going, “She burned it, she burned it, she burned it.”

So I had to follow through on that one and I said, “Okay, I love you, and you know, it’s okay if you burned it, but what’s really important is that you start telling the truth, and telling it faster. Because do you know what happens every time you don’t tell the truth?”

And her little eyes get really wide, and I said  “Let me draw you a diagram of what happens.”

I said “You love intimacy, don’t you?”

And she said, “Yeah, I do.”

And I said, “And you wanna be as close to me as possible, don’t you?”

And she goes, “I do.”

And I said, “Can I just share with you what happens?”

And I drew this little diagram. I said, “You know, here’s a pure heart. And when a pure heart meets another pure heart and they’re both true, and they tell the truth, you know, then there’s this beautiful synchronicity that starts to happen between these two hearts. And this just beautiful love starts to develop. And when you tell these little untruths, then what happens is each time you tell an untruth, it blocks the flow, it blocks your heart from being able to connect to the other heart because you’ve drawn a veil. It’s like this energetic veil over your heart. And so that love that you have is not able to reach and be as pure and as connected and as intimate.”

“So lemme ask you again, and you know, it’s okay, it’s only a blouse. Did you burn the hole in that blouse accidentally by ironing it?”

And I said, “It’s okay, it’s only a blouse. But don’t do this to our love. And I won’t do it to you. So we can have this pure, beautiful, lovely flow together.”

Remember, every time you tell an untruth, every single time, it blocks you from being able to connect with anyone. Why would you wanna do that?

You know, there’s this beautiful saying. Love and risk are inseparable.  And what that means is that every time you take that risk and you tell the truth, then there is going to be love, every time. And every time you don’t, you block that love from flowing.  It’s a choice. So remember, love and risk are inseparable.

What truths are you hiding that are blocking your heart from flowing?

And how do you want your world to be?

Where are you right now in living your passionate life?

With love


Janet Bray Attwood

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