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Early in my career I discovered that I have a talent for connecting people. So it’s not surprising that I called my business, “Enlightened Alliances.” 

In 2007, the Penguin Group published The Passion Test in hardcover and that’s when it became a NY Times bestseller, spending three weeks on that prestigious list.

Since then Chris and I and created a facilitator course based on our book, and now we have 3000+ Passion Test Facilitators in more than 65 countries. The Passion Test has been featured in the cover story of “O” Magazine and in Success Magazine and new opportunities keep presenting themselves every day.

Today, The Passion Test® is a global brand and has become the #1 tool used worldwide to discover one’s passions and connect with your life purpose. 

I hope you are interested in joining me in an “Enlightened Alliance” - We are looking for people who want us to help spread the word about all our programmes and products.

Read more about our affiliate marketing program below.

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Janet Bray Attwood

Heart-centered global transformational leader and New York Times bestselling Co-author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches


Our affiliate program in a nutshell

Join thousands of marketers who are earning lifetime commissions as a member of our high paying affiliate programs. Refer your friends, colleagues, clients, followers, and people you know and feel will benefit from our programs.

You will earn a commission based on the purchases your referrals make.

Minimum 5% commission

You will as minimum earn 5% in commission, but some of our programs have up to 20% in commission.

How do I get paid?

You will receive your money via PayPal upon reaching the minimum $200 threshold.

Please note, that payouts are delayed by 45 days after the payment has been received. This means that the affiliate commission is not really earned until after 45 days, this gives us time to handle it, if there are any refunds.

What do I sign?

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When you sign up, you will be added to our Affiliate Marketing list - so we can keep you updated when there are great new possibilities :)

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