Janet’s secret behind the blockbuster movie, “The Secret”

Last week I was on Jack Canfield's and Kathryn Trestain's 30 Day Abundance Challenge webinar series with bestselling author’s, Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols,  Mary Morrissey, John Assaraff, and a number of other great transformational leaders.

Jack invited me to be his expert for on Self-Love.

When I entered the Zoom room, I was all ready to go and excited with the things I wanted to share.  Then as Jack was introducing me and telling everyone how I was responsible (along with Chris Attwood) for introducing  Rhonda Byrne to the first 70% of the people in the blockbuster movie “The Secret,” I had the thought, “I bet people are asking themselves as Jack is saying all of this, “Janet’s a transformational leader. Why isn’t she in the movie?”

And so, out the window went all that I had prepared to share and out of my mouth came the words,  

“So, I bet all of you are wondering why I’m not in the movie “The Secret,” aren’t you?”

Who wants to hear my story?”

Jack Canfield was the first to comment, “I do…” 

And as they say,

“The rest is history!“

So get ready to hear how I used my self-love practices to get me out of one of the biggest disappointments in my career, and turn it into one of my biggest wins!



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