The Impact of Passion, Thoughts, and Beliefs

Colin Sprake Interviews Janet Bray Attwood

“The Brutal Truth.” is a podcast created by my friend Colin Sprake - his podcast is specifically directed to the challenges entrepreneurs face and in this episode, I tell why passion is so important, and what effect the thoughts and beliefs have on your success.

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During this interview you'll learn

What the Passion Test is, how it works, and how its exercises can help entrepreneurs crystallize their goals for all aspects of their lives and then achieve them
Why the focus of the Passion Test is to help people achieve clarity and fulfillment and to find the happiness they seek
Why being passionate about what you do in your business can help guide you to prosperity and joy
Why following your passion doesn't mean you won't have to work hard but means it won’t feel like hard work
Where the idea for the Passion Test came from when Janet was struggling in a job she hated and realized she needed to make a critical change in her life
Why successful people don't focus on past failures and spend time on self-criticism, but rather focus on their past successes as proof that they can achieve
Why high-achieving people don't listen to their limiting beliefs and their inner critic, and why it is important to develop a "self-love mantra"
Why, whenever you are faced with a choice or decision, you should always choose in favor of the things you are passionate about.

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