Wahei Takeda on Maro Up!

Japan’s largest individual investor, who has been called, the “Warren Buffet” of Japan, talks about the ritual that he credits with overcoming two illnesses and as the basis of his success.

Together with Ken Honda I have written a book about Wahei Takeda and his Maro Up philosophy. In the book we cover how he made his fortune and how he thinks about money—making it, investing it and using it for good in the world—based on his profound teaching of maro, the core principle of his way of life and the foundation of his success.

By learning about maro through the example of Wahei’s life, you can also become financially successful—and profoundly happy to boot.

Often called “the Warren Buffet of Japan,” Wahei Takeda is the most successful investor in the country, and no doubt he’s the happiest one, too!

My success is a direct result of listening and applying Wahei’s philosophy of “Maro Up!” to my own life and business.

I know from personal experience, that if you take what you learn in this ebook and apply it to yourself, you too, will see success blossom in your life.

Read more about the book here: Maro Up: The Secret to Success Begins with Arigato: Wisdom from the “Warren Buffet of Japan”

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