How to know if you’re living your passionate life

“The Passion Test” is about getting quiet inside so that you can listen to that voice that is always speaking to you. If we’re quiet we can hear it. Enjoy my video or read the transcript below:

What do I mean when I say, “Living a passionate life is really important”? So many people ask me, “What does that even mean?”

Lately I’ve been talking about “The Passion Test” in a completely different way. Because what I’ve come to see through so many years, and it’s been getting clearer and clearer, is that this particular quote in “The Passion Test” really is the key.

“What you love and God’s will for you is one and the same.”

When I say “God’s will”, I mean nature, higher power, the Universe, the unified field, or whatever name it is that you want to put to the energy that is greater than yourself. When you line up with that, that’s when you know you’re living your passions, what you love!

Here are some clues;

  • Does it bring you joy?
  • Does it bring you happiness?
  • Does it make you think, “Oh my gosh, if I could just do that thing! My life would be so fantastic!”

The universe doesn’t play tricks, it’s not a mistake! It’s not a mistake that you love what you love.

There’s a cool story I heard one time, about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and a girl who loved to collect autographs.

This girl who loved collecting famous people’s autographs was in the airport, and when she saw the little Yogi in his white outfit and all these people around him, she thought, “He must be famous!”

So she ran up to him and said, “Excuse me, could I get your autograph?”

And Maharishi looked at her and said, “I’ll give you something far more important than my autograph.” So he took her pen and paper and wrote one word on her piece of paper.

The one word he wrote was: Enjoy.


One of Maharishi’s quotes is, “Life is here to enjoy.” I always like to add, “Life is not here to annoy.”

So a big clue to living a passionate life is what you love and God’s will, or higher power or nature.

“The Passion Test” is all about getting really clear, getting really quiet inside so that you can access and listen to that voice that is always speaking to you. If we’re quiet we can hear it.

But what most of us do out of fear is we try to push that away! We say, “Oh, no no no! What if I can’t make it happen? I won’t even listen!”

It’s something so important to us, but what do we do? We go for lesser things!

And what are those lesser things? Those things that aren’t what is our, “Do all, be all, and have all, passion”!

It’s our limiting beliefs, our false beliefs, our false idea, “I can’t have this because - So I’ll go for this instead, I’ll go for that thing that’s less!”

But you can’t trick the General Manager of the Universe.

If you go for something lesser than what you’re here to gift the rest of the world, if you aren’t in alignment with the General Manager of the Universe, when you and the General Manager of the Universe aren’t functioning as one mind and you’re choosing lesser things, what do think happens?

You start getting hints.

Things will happen that won’t support whatever it is you’re trying to get done, and if you’re not listening or not paying attention, not shifting and changing the way that you’re going, in other words “not starting to live your passions”, then nature comes along and says, “Well, they’re not listening!”

And BAM!

It hits you, and then it becomes a bigger hit, and a bigger hit until you learn to live your passions.

So why not just do less and accomplish more?

The “do less, accomplish more” path is choosing in favor of the things that you love and care about the most.
And remember; what you love and God’s will for you is one and the same!

With love


Janet Bray Attwood

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