The 3 Keys to Finding Inner Peace


Overload. Overwhelm. Overdone.

As the world seems to go faster and faster, finding a sense of inner peace and ease becomes harder and harder. How do you enjoy your life and achieve peace of mind when the pressures of daily life just seem to get more and more intense?

Answering that question is why we are writing a book on the power and value of ritual. Incorporating ritual into your life will help you to:

• Manage your time – Your rituals help ensure that the parts of your life that are most important to you get your attention.

• Manage your energy – Without rest, your activity will be ineffective. Incorporating rituals that give you time for rest, refreshment and rejuvenation provides the basis for success in the other parts of your life and help you achieve peace of mind.

• Manage your thinking – As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi famously said, “What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.” Your rituals keep your attention focused on the good in your life. As a result, you discover that more and more good seems to come to you and you are better able to enjoy your life.

Find Peace of Mind and Enjoy Your Life Through Rituals

But what is a ritual anyway?

Rituals are conscious, intentional activities incorporated into your day for the purpose of reconnecting you with yourself. Have you noticed how tiring it is to always be thinking about and worrying about people and things outside of you?

Ritual is a reminder to go within. There are the answers to your dilemmas. There is the source of inspiration. There is the creativity and intelligence to solve any challenge life may throw at you.

And there is the peace of mind that seems so elusive in the hectic demands of bosses and kids and spouses and parents and friends and creditors and . . .

The Benefits of Meditation and Discovering Your Inner Peace

In our Hidden Riches program we talk about the 7 aspects common to ritual all over the world, but what about just some simple rituals that you can start using right now? Here you go:

The Transcendental Meditation® technique – With over 600 studies confirming TM’s benefits, this simple yet powerful technique has clearly established the benefits of meditation and it’s positive effects on everything from I.Q. to creativity to stress relief to blood pressure to diabetes to productivity and much more. The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple yet profound practice for achieving inner peace. Chris and I have practiced the TM technique for more than 40 years and there is nothing we would recommend more highly. The benefits of meditation are far reaching and you will soon be able to find inner peace and enjoy your life.

The Passion Test – Yes, we consider both discovering your passions and consistently choosing in favor of them a powerful ritual. When you identify the 5 things that matter most to you and then begin making those the priority for your decisions, everything changes. Life becomes meaningful. You feel a sense of value that no amount of praise can ever provide. If you haven’t yet gone through The Passion Test, now’s the time.

The Work of Byron Katie – As Katie is known to say, “There are no physical problems, only mental ones.” You are so powerful. Your thinking can transform the worst experience into a great one or the best experience into total misery. So remarkable. The Work is a simple process for investigating the thoughts that cause you pain and unhappiness. It’s the primary reason Chris and I have such a remarkable relationship and that his wife, Doris, and I can be such good friends. The Work provides a sure path to peace of mind for those who are open. Learn more here.

Inner peace is no farther away than the closing of your eyes. These rituals and others can help you find your way there effortlessly.


With love


Janet Bray Attwood

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