The Miracle of Suirin: A Practical Guide to Having a Good Life

Written by Janet Bray Attwood & Yoko Shinoda Yuile
Foreword by Ken Honda

From the New York Times, best-selling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches comes a book that will teach you how to live a more sustainable, happy, and creative life—rich in love, truth, and integrity.

The Miracle of Suirin is the true story of the struggles and challenges of one couple and how, out of their persistence to create a home for their mentally retarded daughter, Suirin, a beautiful nature and educational facility located in the Nagano Mountains of Japan was born.

Suirin is a place unlike any other. It is a natural environment where anyone is welcome to come and revitalize their soul through solace among nature, profound wisdom, and farm to table organic meals. Suirin is also a home and nature school for young people who have been challenged with living in the world, and who suffer from schizophrenia, cutting, suicide, etc, and through the miracle of nature, ancient wisdom, and love, are able to find their way home.


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The Miracle of Suirin is a call to all of us. With technology’s onslaught, this book will gently remind you of the importance of coming back to nature to find the balance and harmony needed for a happy sustainable life.

In this book you’ll also discover:

  • Secrets to overcoming even the most devastating circumstances
  • How to find hope when all feels lost
  • What’s required to pull yourself back up
  • The role of good food in creating a healthy emotional life
  • The value of a supportive loving community

This book is not only a compilation of riveting stories of triumph through all odds by those who live at Suirin, but also a handbook for a happier life for each and every one of us.

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