Discover Your Passions with Chris Attwood

Listen to Marketing legend, Jay Abraham who did an interview with Chris Attwood on passion applied to entrepreneurs and it was amazing.

If you want to get a really powerful perspective on how successful entrepreneurs ignite their success, you'll want to listen to this interview.

Chris talks about what to do when you're stuck, why passion alone is not enough and what else you need, plus how to use The Passion Test as a powerful tool in your business. 

You can hear this interview on Jay Abraham's podcast, "The Ultimate Entrepreneur" here

In this talk, Chris shares why it’s critical to make passion-based decisions in order to be sustainable in business. He shares a fundamental secret and tells real-life stories of entrepreneurs and couples who transformed - and even saved - their lives by aligning with their passion.

This interview is about harnessing the power, possibility and potential of your passion so you can succeed in business while experiencing a deep sense of fulfillment. You’ll also learn how to unearth your team’s passions so they can become more engaged with their own work. 

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How are you using passion in your business?

If you want to get inspired on how you can use passion in your business, then please read about our Passion Test for Business program. 

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