Interview with Author and Spiritual Guide Mitra Politi

I am so happy to share this wonderful interview with all of you.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of interviewing Author and Spiritual Guide Mitra Politi. I must admit, I was totally taken by Mitra’s humble and gentle spirit. Within minutes of talking with him, I felt I had met a kindred spirit.

For over 20 years Author and Spiritual Guide Mitra Politi has been the under-the-radar intuitive healer, and trusted teacher for fellow spiritual luminaries seeking a direct, personal connection to spirit. Mitra is the Spiritual Director for Rhythmia Life Enhancement Center, the acclaimed transformational retreat center in Costa Rica, as well as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Certified Acupuncturist, and practitioner of indigenous Colombian healing. 

For two decades, Mitra has been living in Costa Rica in an ecological and spiritual community called PachaMama. For many years he maintained an Acupuncture clinic and designed and taught numerous transformational programs within the PachaMama community and abroad. 

Michael Beckwith, Graham Hancock, Jack Canfield, Kimberly Carter Gamble, Foster Gamble, Anita Moorjani are friends and contemporaries who have lauded his first book “Insights: Steps to Truth,” a book of prose wisdom garnered from his 25 years in meditation and spiritual contemplation. In short, beautifully laid out chapters on topics such as “Change,” “Pain,” “Happiness,” “Freedom” and “Healing,” Mitra offers a touchstone for a daily mindfulness journey, universal truths that stir the heart and soul into supportive contemplation, accessible for the novice meditator, as well as thought provoking for the seasoned spiritual traveler. 

Quiet and understated, Mitra is just now becoming more widely known for his work beyond insider circles, being featured in the upcoming documentaries “Thrive II” (out September 26th) and “The Medicine” (out now). 

Mitra is unique in his humble, heart-centered approach, and appreciated for serving without the ego-driven “motivational speaker” trappings of pseudo spirituality. His offerings are attended by individuals all around the world who are seeking a personal, first-hand experience with spirit and its teachings. 

Mitra regards himself as both a Teacher and a lifelong Student in “The Art of Life” and offers online and in person courses in this area. Mitra also offers transformational workshops, and private coaching for entrepreneurs and CEOs interested in bringing a spiritual and holistic focus to their work in the world. 

A generous friend and guide to many, Mitra brings commitment, passion, clarity, intuition and humor to every endeavor. Visit and

With Love


Janet Bray Attwood

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