How Do You Combine Your Passions with Your Work?

All the time, people ask me, “But I have bills, a family. How can I live my passions and meet my responsibilities at the same time?” The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy.


Janets Marvelous Adventures: Hotel Kong Arthur

Are you like me? You love to travel, but finding a hotel that has the conveniences of home is a total challenge? I found my very own home away from home.


My new book – Inspired by The Passion Test

The book is a collection of 16 true stories by real people from 8 countries whose lives have been transformed by The Passion Test.


Personal Message from Passion Test co-founder, Janet Bray Attwood

I invite you to join our cosmic passionate army and be part of our Global Passion Test family, inspiring transformation through love, in service to humanity.


How to Live a Passion Driven Life

We get many questions from participants about where to start, what to teach and how to create an income from their passions.


The Key to Finding True Happiness

Choosing to live in favor of your passions has the power to transform your life into one full of love, happiness, and meaning.


Undoing Limiting Beliefs

Passion springs from the heart. If you feel blocked then the first step is to reconnect with your heart. Begin with the things you love most in your life.


What Passions Look Like

When I was eight years old, I would quietly sneak outside and underneath the corner street light, my world became a brightly lit stage.


How To Change Your Life – Find Your Personal Destiny 

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” or “What is the meaning of destiny?” Align Your Life Passions to Discover Your Purpose in Life.


Speed Limits on the Cosmic Highway

If you made a million dollars next year, would you consider that a good year? How long it takes to fulfill your dreams is directly related to your beliefs.


Rituals for Creating Wealth

Learn the core elements for creating wealth as they relate to your Life Design and get aligned with your own unique path to financial abundance.


The 4 Keys to Discovering Your Unique Genius

There is a common structure for understanding your genius, which has been beautifully described by our friend and colleague Roger Hamilton.


3 Practical Steps to Creating Miracles

Let me share 3 simple steps you can take to unlock the magic and power of love in your own life . . . and have more of what you really want at the same time!


Creating a 3-Minute Ritual to Improve Your Results on Any Project

Using Ritual to Create Flow, Direct Attention, and Improve Your Results.


Beyond Divorce – Staying in Love When the Marriage is Over

Divorce is tough. Breaking up IS hard to do. Discover there are ways you can support each other that you never dreamed of before.


Enjoy Your Life and Do What You Love

Why is it so important you do what you love? A friend shared a true story that illustrates the importance of doing what you enjoy perfectly.


Nature’s Guidance System

When you discover your deepest passions, you connect the essence of who you are, and gain the power to transform your life.  However, identifying your passions is only the first step to living a fulfilled and happy life.


3 Essential Rituals for Parenting in a World that Goes Too Fast

In this post, we’ll share three essential rituals for parents–and even if you’re not a parent, we predict you’ll find these invaluable.


3 Essential Rituals for Parenting in a World that Goes Too Fast

There is really only one measure of whether your life really counts: have you lived a purpose-driven life?


The #1 Reason People Don’t Get What They Want

Do you ever feel like a hamster, running round and round on an apparently endless wheel that never seems to go anywhere? Life is designed to frustrate you.


3 Tricks to Escape from Overwhelm

So what do you do when stuff gets piled on top of stuff on top of more stuff to do? We’ll share 3 tricks to put overwhelm behind and step into the joyful, fulfilling life you were meant to live.


The 3 Keys to Finding Inner Peace

How do you enjoy your life and achieve peace of mind when the pressures of daily life just seem to get more and more intense?


How to be Happy and Create a Rewarding Romantic Relationship

Relationships. Most people want one, yet few people seem to have mastered the art of sustaining one.


Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man – Reflections on a Great Song

Over the years we’ve often talked about how the lyrics of this remarkable song are eerily similar to our experience of meditation and even to some of the instructions given when someone learns the Transcendental Meditation® technique.


Principles of “Enlightened Investing”

The principles that Phil teaches about investing are really lessons for living. I so love his approach to investing because it’s so well-aligned with what we teach in The Passion Test.


5 Steps to Creating Your Dream

Have you got a big audacious dream? Cool. Me too. My dream hatched in me many years ago.


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