The Key to Finding True Happiness

“When people are deeply happy they bring a sense of purpose with them wherever they go, whatever circumstances they’re in. So if they’re changing the oil in the car, they bring a sense of joyful purpose even to that.” -Marci Shimoff

What is it that creates real happiness? Can you recall a time when you experienced true happiness in your life?

Choosing to live in favor of your passions has the power to transform your life into one full of love, happiness and meaning.

Have you ever known anyone who was driven, goal oriented, and appeared to have achieved greatness in their life, but still didn’t seem to be happy? Unfortunately, this happens all too often.


Think about the biggest goal you ever set and achieved some time in the past. How long did you spend working to achieve that goal? How long did the celebration of its achievement last? Once you had achieved the goal, did it make you happy?

The Key to True Happiness and Living a Passionate Life

The key to true happiness is being able to discover it in every moment, not waiting for it to arrive with the achievement of some future goal. Living a passionate life is the fulfillment that comes from the process of creation. The happiness that comes from achieving a goal is fleeting at best.

Happiness is a fickle beast. It has a tendency to come and go as we feel expanded and contracted. In Marci Shimoff’s latest book, “Happy For No Reason”  she defines happiness as experiencing a state of deep inner fulfillment that comes from a profound connection with your own nature.

In one of the ancient Vedic texts from India there is this saying:

“You have control over action alone, never over its fruits.”

You have no way of insuring that you will achieve any goal in your life (the fruit of your action). The only thing you can determine is what you do, and what action you take to create the life you choose to live.

This is why it’s so important to enjoy the ride and love what you do to achieve true happiness. Most of your life is about the process of creating, not the outcomes or results of that process. Once you’ve realized a dream or a goal, you’ll celebrate it, enjoy it, and then you will be back in the process of creating your next dream.

Happiness arises spontaneously when you love the process. Passions are about how you live your life. Goals are about what you chose to create in your life.

Write Out Your Passion and Be Happy

Make a list of 10 things you love and then complete this sentence, “When my life is ideal I am _______________________________.”

Completing that sentence helps you define your process. It helps you define what elements you need in order to live a passionate life with purpose. It helps you define what you need to be happy in the process.

If you write, “living in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean,” your passion is the “living” part of that sentence. Living is a process. Your goal may be to acquire a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, but if you acquire it and never live in it, are you living your passion?

So how do you live this passion if you don’t yet have the home? Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision, or an opportunity, you ask yourself, “will this bring me closer to living in my beautiful home, or will it take me farther away?” If the answer is that it will, then you go for it. If not, then you decline.

As you make these decisions, you will find yourself fueled by the remarkable process of the unfolding of your destiny. You can then begin to live a passionate life filled with true happiness. There will almost certainly be challenges, and within those challenges the greatest gifts are buried.

Are You Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose?

Choosing to live in favor of your passions has the power to transform your life into one full of love, happiness and meaning. Discover how you can use your passion for inspiring and empowering others to become an entrepreneur who ACTUALLY makes a difference in the world around you!

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