How To Avoid Burning Out

This is the way to do less, accomplish more, enjoy your life, and keep yourself really centered, so that you can go out and give your gifts to the world! Enjoy my video or read the transcript below:

A “burnout” is a huge thing these days. In Japan they actually have a name for working 24/7. It’s something everyone understands, it’s normal in Japan. And yet, Japan has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world!

You’d think, “Go figure!”, right?

“Do either of them have something to do with the other?”

Absolutely, it does!

So, why do people burnout?

The number one reason is, because they don’t trust! They don’t trust that the universe is going to fulfill their needs, so they keep going and going even beyond the point of what is necessary in order to create what they think they want.

Another reason why people burnout is because they’re not clear.

They don’t get clear first about things like, “What is it that I choose to have show up in my life?” There’s a quote that I say like a mantra, from “The Passion Test” book,

“When you are clear, what you choose to have show up in your life will! And only to the extent that you’re clear. Clarity is power!”

So many people in the world, and there’s plenty of data that shows about 60 to 70 percent of working Americans wake up everyday, not happy, not fulfilled, and not passionate about what they do.


They’re burning out left and right!

They don’t stop to get clear, they don’t stop to ask themselves,

“What do I care about?”

“What’s important to me?”

“What lights my fire?”

“What turns me on?”

What most people don’t know, is when you tap into the thing that really moves you, the thing that gives you the greatest love, the thing that gives you the greatest passion… this quote really comes to life for you!

“What you love and God’s will for you is one in the same.”

When you align with those things that you truly love, what starts to happen is, your will, nature, higher power, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, starts to support you!

The people, the places, and the things you need start to show up so that you can have more of the things that you want. The “passions” in your life, start to show up!

So you’re not straining to get those things, but they come to you effortlessly.

There’s a formula for not burning out, and we call it: “The Formula for Living a Passionate Life.” The first step is simply, “intention”. Get clear! Take “The Passion Test”, the #1 tool in the world being used to get clear on what it is you choose to create in your life.

The second step is, “attention”. Everyone is powerful! No one is more powerful than anyone else, it’s just that when you know what it is that you choose to create, that’s power! And when you consistently choose in favor of those things, that’s also power.

The last step is, “no tension”. Let go and surrender. What you’ll find is that when you’re letting go, you create spaciousness. That’s where creation starts, not when you’ve packed your day full of this, that, and the other thing and you have no psychic space left. It’s in the surrendering space, where the people and the places and the things like I just said start to show up.

So if you don’t want a burnout, find out, “What is it that would really move my world?” And then use “The Formula for Living a Passionate Life”.

This is the way to do less, accomplish more, enjoy your life, enjoy the path and keep yourself really centered and sane, so that you can go out and give your gifts to the world!

With love


Janet Bray Attwood

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