Personal Message from Passion Test co-founder, Janet Bray Attwood

An open letter . . .

On a recent call with one of my graduating Passion Test Certification classes last month, I asked the question that I always ask at the end of every course, which was simply, “How was it?”

Expecting everyone to share what they usually do on these calls, things like, how much they loved the content, how their life has changed, how they feel they know who they are, etc., I was a little taken aback when one woman came on and said to me, “You’re not going to like what I have to say Janet.”

Immediately, the whole room went silent.


“To be honest, she continued, I almost didn’t sign up for your certification course because I was so offended by your website and your passive marketing. You talk about the importance of living a passionate life so we can all live our dreams, but you don’t talk about what that MEANS.”

“You don’t talk about the passions that are so meaningful, crucial and timely. Passions like ending racism, bigotry, white supremacy, child slavery, police brutality, oppression of women, preserving our environment and all the other myriad of challenges that are presently plaguing our world.”

“Holy crap!” I thought.

“She’s right!!”


As she spoke, I looked into her beautiful, loving, caring eyes, and I was so deeply grateful. At the same time, my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and a wave of electric excitement seared through my body as I thought about what she was saying.

For me, living a passionate life has always been about addressing these crucial challenges in our world, so why aren’t we saying that?!

If I was powerful before about spreading the message of the importance of living one’s passions, in that one moment, I became completely invincible and recommitted to bringing The Passion Test to every person in the world! Because I know the way life is designed, when every person is connected to their passions, then every challenge our human race faces, both large and small, will have a champion . . . and we need a lot more champions!

So, if you’ve been praying for a reason greater than yourself to live for, if you’ve known that there is something more for you, if you’re longing to feel that your life is about playing a major role in creating change for good, and, if you would love a way you can be of service to others and at the same time, monetize your passions, than I invite you to join our cosmic passionate army and be part of our Global Passion Test family, inspiring transformation through love, in service to humanity.

Ok, I’ve said it. Now it’s your turn. What are you waiting for?!!! Be bold. Choose in favor of your passions!

With Love 



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