The 4 Keys to Discovering Your Unique Genius


Just as your passions are central to your unique purpose in life and help you uncover the structure of your Life Design, there is also a genius in you that provides the brilliance that will allow your Life Design to unfold most naturally.

The purpose of life is to reveal your Life’s Design and align with it. When you do, life becomes fun, filled with joy, an adventure. In that adventure, you have the potential to create a life that is a work of art.

Uncovering the unique design of your life is a journey. There are lots of stops along the way. Discovering your special genius and finding your passions are the structure on which you will unfold your life.

Just as we are all human and as such, most of us are born with a body that has common characteristics – a head, two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet, etc. In the same way, we are all born with a design for our life that has certain common characteristics that we discussed in our last post.

Your special genius and your passions are like the skeleton that provides the structure for your Life Design to be expressed, just as the skeleton of your body provides the support that allows your body to move and act in the world. And just as there is a common structure to every Life Design, there is a common structure for understanding your genius, which has been beautifully described by our friend and colleague Roger Hamilton (we recommend you take Roger’s free Genius Test as well).

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Janet Bray Attwood


The following is excerpted from Roger Hamilton’s book

The Millionaire Master Plan, which is a New York Times Bestseller

Your Genius

Try this little experiment: Fold your arms. Look whether you have folded your left arm over your right arm or your right over your left. Now, do the opposite: fold your right arm over your left arm or your left over your right. Does it feel comfortable? For most people it doesn’t; for some, it is even hard to do – it feels… unnatural. That’s because you’re doing the wrong thing. That’s not to say there is one right way to fold our arms. There is only your natural way.

We are all born great at something, but as we grow up, we find out all the things that we are not so good at. So we spend our lives feeling bad about those things, working on our natural weaknesses while we take our natural strengths for granted. This truth is no more tragic than in a school of children, where every child has a different genius, but when they are all judged by the same test, many lose their confidence and with it their desire to learn. Why try to be something else when you are already naturally you – you are enough!


When we become aware of our natural genius, it’s like a light going on. Suddenly, we realize we do not need to focus on our weaknesses to be successful. We simply need to follow a path that plays to our natural strengths. These are the four geniuses:

Dynamo Genius who loves to Create

Blaze Genius who loves to Connect

Tempo Genius who loves to Serve

Steel Genius who loves the Details

When you’ve taken the Millionaire Master Plan Test and read your Genius Report, you will know which one of the four you are. But before you proceed, you need to understand how your genius wins by following certain “rules.”

The Rules of the Genius “Game”

By rules, I mean that each genius is like a sport you can become great at. If you know the game you are best suited for and the rules of that game, you can now focus on being the best at it. And like any sport, sometimes the rules of one sport are the exact opposite of another. For example, if you’re playing soccer, the rules are you kick the ball; you don’t pick it up. In basketball, the rules are you pick the ball up; you don’t kick it.

Similarly, if you’re a Blaze Genius and you have a job that doesn’t have variety (where you sit at your desk all day dealing with the details instead of getting out and connecting with people) you are guaranteed to be miserable whether it is your own business or making money working for someone else. But if you are a Steel Genius and you are sent out to meet people every day, you’re going to be equally as miserable. People, books – even you, yourself – may tell you to keep doing it because “that’s your job,” but all you do is feel stupid and want to escape the whole thing.

I have seen people struggle to get out of debt, because they have been told they need to keep track of every bill and that isn’t their genius’s strength. They are trying to follow rules for a game that isn’t their natural game! When they discover the rules of their genius, they follow a different strategy that gets them out of debt easily.

I have seen employees yearning to quit their jobs because they are struggling in an environment that is making them miserable, but they don’t know how to replace their income with something they love. When they discover their genius, some suddenly see a path forward and have the courage to act, while others simply shift what they are doing in their job and suddenly love their life with a career on the fast track.

What’s your genius? I’m a Dynamo Genius, a natural creator. I struggled when it came to managing my own detailed accounts and that’s how I ended up cash negative and carless. Only by understanding my genius could I see a path forward that was natural to me.

This is why I say your genius is your compass to navigate the Millionaire Master Plan.

Understanding The Four Geniuses

The idea of these four geniuses dates back 5,000 years and connects to the four frequencies found in ancient Chinese and Indian systems. Aristotle and Plato identified them too. But while the ideas behind these geniuses may be ancient in origin, they are being applied here in a completely new way: to the entrepreneurial spirit and your personal path of least resistance to wealth and success.

As you will see, each genius has a different way to reach fulfillment. Each has a different way to manage time and money, grow a network, and lead a team. Each genius has a winning and a losing formula, and your winning formula is someone else’s losing formula. Each genius also has frequency you are strongest in and is part of a state of change, like the four seasons.

Our genius connects to how we lead and love. It connects to how we communicate, and how we market ourselves and our products or services differently. This is why one-size-fits-all books that say you need to do it all and there is only one way will often contradict each other. They are like ineffective diets that force you to change who you are – as if a thinner you must be someone else, not simply a healthier version of you already are.Think of knowing your genius as the first step in customizing a diet for the perfect you.

Of course, none of us is only one thing: We all have a little of each genius in us. But we all have more of one than the others. Truly understanding where the compass of each of these Geniuses points and how they connect to each other before entering The Wealth Lighthouse is the first step to setting yourself free (you’ll have to read Roger’s book to learn about the “Wealth Lighthouse”).

You can take the Genius Test here and find out which genius you are. When you’re done with this quick assessment, you’ll get a report that will explain the four geniuses and how you can soar.

Read more about Roger Hamilton’s book, The Millionaire Master Plan

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