I Want for You What You Want for You - Revelations on Love that will transform your relationships forever

Written by Janet Bray Attwood and Mira Drori. Artwork by Joma Sipe

There is nothing more important than love. I’ve always known that everything we do we do for love. And I’ve always known that once we get this love thing down, we’ll have it all.

If you’re one of those who feels the same, then my e-book ‘I Want for You What You Want for You’ is going to be a healing balm for you as it has been for me.

I invite you to take the time to really go within and allow your heart to savor the full essence of each of these powerful meditations on love. When your heart is full and overflowing with these deep reflections, go out and spread that precious love. And as the love comes flowing back to you, you will see that truly, “All you need is love.”

Your opportunity now is to open your heart to love even the uncomfortable moments in life. That doesn’t mean pretending everything is wonderful when it’s not. It means giving yourself permission to respond authentically in the moment, to go through whatever you have to go through emotionally, and then use the Work or whatever other tools that are available o you to return to love.

This book can be purchased together with the Meditations on Love online program.

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