Undoing Limiting Beliefs

Passion springs from the heart. If you feel blocked then the first step is to reconnect with your heart. Begin with the things you love most in your life.

Sometimes people tell us they feel blocked. They don’t feel passionate about anything. They feel stuck when they try to take The Passion Test. There have been so many disappointments that it just doesn’t seem possible to dream any more.

If you feel any of this, this page is for you. There are two parts to this and both are equally important.


Where to Start

When you take The Passion Test, we ask you to complete the sentence, “When my life is ideal, I am ________________.”

But if you feel blocked, it may be hard to complete that sentence.

If that’s the case for you, then forget about the “When my life is ideal” part. Complete the sentence “I love ___________.”

Passion springs from the heart. If you feel blocked then the first step is to reconnect with your heart. Begin with the things you love most in your life, the things which are most important to you. Who do you love? What do you love doing? What kinds of environments do you love being in? What do you love to experience?

Some of us have gotten into the habit of putting our attention on the things we don’t like in our life. These things can also point us in the direction of what we love. If this is you, think about the things you really dislike. Then turn them around.

For example, “I hate to be sick.” Turn it around to, “I love to be healthy.” Or “I hate to taking out the garbage.” Turn it around to, “I love having the freedom to do what I enjoy.”

Using this process make your initial list of “passions” from this list of things you love. Then take The Passion Test, identify your top five, and begin to choose in favor of the things you love. As you do this, you will connect more and more to your heart’s desires, and you will find the passion in your life steadily increasing.

Undoing Limiting Beliefs

The second part of removing the blocks is undoing the concepts, beliefs and ideas that aren’t true for us and keep us from living our purpose in life. For this, we have found The Work of Byron Katie to be one of the most powerful and useful tools available.

Katie’s simple process of investigation is easy to do, and remarkably profound. You can learn to do The Work absolutely free just by going to: thework.com

We suggest you read the material available on this website carefully, then print out the Worksheet and begin using the process for those thoughts which keep you from knowing you are the magnificent, unlimited being you really are.

False beliefs, false concepts and false ideas are the only things that prevent you from living a miraculous life. If you have a hard time seeing how amazing you are or how unlimited your possibilities are, then we recommend you do The Work.

With love



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