Janets Marvelous Adventures: Hotel Kong Arthur

I found my very own home away from home: Hotel Kong Arthur

Are you like me? You love to travel, but finding a hotel to stay in, that has many of the conveniences of home is a total challenge?

OMG! If I could just get paid on how many hours I have spent roaming through the tons of possibilities on Expedia alone, trying to find the best hotel at the best rate, with the best location, the best restaurants, the best places to go, see and do. Can you relate?!


Well…. I found it. I found my very own home away from home. Seriously, I did. It absolutely has it all. I mean, it’s so good, that even though my stomach is gurgling because I also missed my hotels amazing organic breakfast, I decided, because I love you, instead of running out to lunch just yet, I first had to tell you about my little find. I mean, summer is just around the corner and maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to come visit one of my favorite cities in the world, think “Copenhagen” and stay at one of my favorite hotels in the world, Hotel Kong Arthur.

Hotel Kong Arthur, first and foremost, prides itself in training all of their staff to treat everyone like family. And they do. I mean, they are so personal and so caretaking, that I bet if I asked one of the staff to tuck me in, they would! (Hmmmm…)

All joking aside, it really is the people who make the place, isn’t it? I came into my room the other day after a long day of training, and sitting on my desk is a bowl of fresh nuts, a chocolate bar, and, (how did they know what my guilty pleasure is?!) a bag of potato chips!

Come on, who does that?!

Then there’s the location. Hotel Kong Arthur is located right in the heart of Copenhagen with my favorite sushi restaurant in the whole world, Sticks n Sushi, just 2 minutes away. Then there’s also an incredibly lovely Italian restaurant, or a great tapas restaurant, or if you’re a pizza lover, a super pizza place, and if you want to enjoy a seriously eclectic New York style breakfast, well, that and all these great finds are just a 2-3 minute walk out your door.


Here’s the best part of all…. When I don’t feel like going out of my room, I just call the front desk, order from the takeout menu of any of the restaurants I mentioned, and 30 minutes later, I’m in major heaven eating my fabulous meal and watching “A Star if Born” for the twentieth time. Sweet!

You love spa’s, don’t you? Right on the premises of Hotel Kong Arthur there’s a little bit of heaven. Yup, one of the best spa’s in the world, “Ni’Mat Spa.”

Walking into the spa, you feel like you’ve entered a beautiful sacred temple, with candles, aromatherapy, and ancient statues everywhere. The atmosphere totally lends itself to having an incredibly amazing restful experience either enjoying a massage, or sitting in their huge hot tub, or luxuriating in their aroma steam bath and sauna. Think “weary traveler luxury” after a hard day of fabulous shopping!

My Danish buddy Birgitte told me that the word, “cosy” comes from Denmark. At Hotel Kong Arthur, they have created “Cosy Hour” where you can come and meet people, enjoy a free drink, and share all of your best traveler stories. I mean, is this place great, or what!?

And, to all my little skeptics out there, FYI, No, I’m not getting perks for writing this. You guys know me, when I’m passionate about something, I can’t stop myself from sharing it with everyone I know!

So, let me indulge you just a little bit more.

Here’s a fun tidbit…if you want to see Copenhagen from on top of a bicycle and join the other 70% of Danes who DON’T’ drive but bike, you can rent them at the hotel, along with a map of the best places to peddle to. How fun is that?! And, if you’re into running (not my thing!) you can join the other super crazy hotel staff and local residents who get up and out at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m. for a 4-5 k run around lovely Copenhagen. (That’s my “I love me meditation time”….)

Lastly, (drum roll) and you all know I love this, Hotel Kong Arthur is a Green Key Eco Label www.green-key.dk sustainably responsible hotel. Yeah!!!

Another important non-negotiable when looking for a great hotel… Ready?…

You can open the windows in your room and enjoy all of the fresh air you can handle plus you can drink as much water from your tap and not die.

Ok… I know I’ve been gushing, but if you take my word for it and come hang out here, you’ll totally get why.

Next leg of my trip is Thailand. If my hotel there is as good as here, well, if you’re lucky, I just might share some more of my travel passions with all of you!

Until then, know you’re loved…

With Love 



PS. Below you can enjoy a lot of images from Kong Arthur. I bet you can see why I love it so much.









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