Author and Spiritual Guide Mitra Politi

I had the honor of interviewing Author and Spiritual Guide Mitra Politi. I must admit, I was totally taken by Mitra’s humble and gentle spirit. Within minutes of talking with him, I felt I had met a kindred spirit.

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Carol Morehead's introductory lecture on TM

Enjoy my interview with my dear friend Carol Morehead, Carol is someone whom I consider to be a shining example of what T.M. can do for an individual. 

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Janet’s secret behind the blockbuster movie, “The Secret”

Get ready to hear how I used my self-love practices to get me out of one of the biggest disappointments in my career, and turn it into one of my biggest wins!


The Impact of Passion, Thoughts, and Beliefs

“The Brutal Truth.” is a podcast created by my friend Colin Sprake - his podcast is specifically directed to the challenges entrepreneurs face and in this episode, I tell why passion is so important, and what effect the thoughts and beliefs have on your success.


Discover Your Passions with Chris Attwood

Listen to Marketing legend, Jay Abraham who did an interview with Chris Attwood on passion applied to entrepreneurs and it was amazing. Hear the podcast here.


Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move

He has over 3.5 million followers on Facebook, over 50 million people have viewed his videos, his podcasts have been in the top 10 of Self-Help for 75 weeks, he’s a #1 NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. Enjoy Janet’s interview with Brendon Burchard and get the inside scoop on his new alliance with Oprah called, “Your Next Bold Move: Creating the Future You Want.”

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Wahei Takeda on Maro Up!

Japan’s largest individual investor, who has been called, the “Warren Buffet” of Japan, talks about the ritual that he credits with overcoming two illnesses and as the basis of his success.

Wahei Takeda on Maro Up!

Conversations with Kelly Falardeau

Motivational speaker and bestselling author Kelly Falardeau chats with Janet Bray Attwood. The show is about people who have been destructive in their lives, shifted, and then became powerful.

Janet Attwood & Brendon Burchard On Creating The Future You Want

Janet met Brendon almost 10 years ago when no one had heard of him. He was amazing then and he’s only gotten better with age. There’s a good reason why so many people love listening to him and he’s a 3-time NY Times bestselling author. He’s amazing!!

Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move

Interview on How to Create a Passionate Life

Lilou Mace, author, webTV host and international Internet video blogger interviews Janet Bray Attwood

How to Create a Passionate Life

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