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Do you need extra support?

I am in self-isolation like all of you and seriously grateful for this time of reflection.

I know that many of you are not having the same experience. I know many of you are having a challenging time with this social distancing, and that your mind is terrorized by fears of the future, concern whether you’ll be OK or if the people you love will be OK, will You lose everything, will life ever come back to normal? Etc etc...

I know many of these questions and concerns keep you up at night and make your days super challenging. Because of this, if you feel it could help you to have a different perspective and support with your concerns, I’m happy to spend some private virtual time with you to help you get that different perspective and some extra loving support so that you, too can thrive during this time.

Below are some of the areas I can support you with:

heart-icon.png Finding your passions
heart-icon.png Self-love practices
heart-icon.png Relationship coaching for you and/or your partner
heart-icon.png Designing your daily rituals and routine practice for maximum success
heart-icon.png Creating Enlightened Alliances
heart-icon.png Undoing Your Limiting Beliefs around money, relationships, business etc. 
heart-icon.png Designing unique online and live programs just for you and your events!

I have shared stages with the top names in the transformational industry and have presented to thousands of people around the world.

What really give me the greatest joy, is to support you to become the best version of yourself. This is best done together - one on one. 

Because I have a limited amount of time I am only taking people on a first come, first serve basis. If you feel that this is for you, you can choose to work a whole day with me.

I look forward to supporting you.

All love,




See what other clients say about Janet

"Janet is a mentor better than I can dream of. If you're around Janet, you'll soon understand what "passion" means.

Janet used a variety of tools and tricks (not always comfortable, but definitely the way I need it) to teach me Self-Love, saving me from the hell of perfectionism.

As a living example, Janet shows me how to play and how to have fun.

Results are important, but while I'm fighting for the goal, I also learn to enjoy the process as much as possible, not taking my mistakes too seriously. After all, wisdom comes from experience.

Now if you see smiles on my face, thanks to Janet, who makes me believe I'm a gift from and to the universe." - Julia Tseng

"I had the amazing good fortune to have Janet Attwood take the Mind Share Master Mind group through the Passion Test process.

I knew what these successful doctors, health experts, and entrepreneurs, though already living their passions, really wanted—Clarity! And with Janet’s help, that’s what they got!

I witnessed the transformation for these people taking their next step toward creating the life, career, and impact they’d always wanted.

Yes, the Passion Test helps people find their purpose-- but more than that-- it helps them to get super clarity, such a gift!"
- JJ Virgin, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Mind Share Summit

“I‘ve had Janet as my mentor for more than a year, and she helped me towards finding my unique voice by helping me identify and remove my inner blocks.

When you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level, your voice, words, and body effortlessly speak to your audience in a powerful and authentic way.

I’ve worked with dozens of experts, but Janet is a genius in helping you get to that place of inner peace and confidence.

While working together with her,While I was looking for Janet‘s help to create more impact through my professional work, I never imagined that our time together would help me be a better version of myself as a parent."
- Snjezana Kuresevic

Jack Canfield

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“When I did the work on discovering your passion with Chris and Janet in a workshop, I wasn’t expecting that much to happen because I am already living my passion — teaching others about how to become more successful. However, their powerful process took me to an even deeper place, where I realized I was not spending enough time with my true number one passion — my family! That realization, and the other work they did with me, has changed the way I have lived the past year.”

How can I help you?

I design and create custom online and live programs. I’ve created the PASSION TEST certification mastery of self-love certification PassionTest for business passion test for kids and teens the Enlightened couples course Enlightened Alliances program the Enlightened sales course and so many others and all of them have gotten rave reviews.

Take a minute to watch this video and listen to Katie Chalcraft, Passion Test Master Trainer and current full time mumma, explain how I have helped and coached her.

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