Introducing The Door to Inner Happiness - an inspirational book from the authors of The New York Times bestsellers The Passion Test, & Your Hidden Riches with contributions from a powerhouse of international transformational leaders...

Secrets from Around the World for
When Everything's Going Wrong

Available at booksellers April 13, 2021

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About The Door to Inner Happiness

The Door to Inner Happiness reveals powerful strategies from around the world for bouncing back when everything's going wrong.

The Door to Inner Happiness shares the stories of regular people from all over the world who have found ways to turn horrendous situations into opportunities and new possibilities. It will reassure you, inspire you, and give you hope, because if these people can do it, so can you. You'll discover that beneath our cultural differences, there is a common thread that binds us all together. This is not just another self-help book. It's a deep dive into the heart of life through real stories of overcoming real tragedies.

As you read these engaging personal accounts punctuated with humor, deep-insight, and heart-centered wisdom, you'll be empowered with the knowledge and motivation to create a life of abundance, happiness, health, and love. Covering topics from personal tragedy to relationships to personal transformation, this international team of authors will show you how to finally overcome some of life's challenges and live the life you were destined for.

No matter your circumstances, there is a way to make a change, and The Door to Inner Happiness will be your guide to finding the inspiration and tools to empower you to create your extraordinary life.

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Meet the Authors & Peek Inside The Door to Inner Happiness

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, New York Times bestselling co-authors of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discover Your Life Purpose, and Your Hidden Riches join with Japanese bestselling author, Toyokazu Tsuruta and a global powerhouse of thought leaders from nine countries to bring you a collection of transformational true stories and practical tools that will uplift and inspire you to create an extraordinary life.


Chapter 1: Staying in Love When the Marriage is Over 
by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood (USA)

When the marriage falls apart, how do you keep the love alive? 25 years after their divorce, NY Times bestselling authors, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood remain best friends. Chris is remarried to Doris with three young children and Janet is the godmother of their children and close friends with Doris. How did they do it? Here's the story and the secrets to staying in love when the marriage is over.


Chapter 2: When All Hope is Lost
by Nicco Takahashi (Japan)

She was physically and sexually abused, attempted suicide more than a dozen times, put away in a mental ward, yet somehow she managed to pull her life together. Inspired by an international superstar who visited her school, Nicco Takahashi turned her pain into hope. Discover what Nicco found that allowed her to transform her life so that you can transform yours.


Chapter 3: When Success is a Catastrophe 
by Ngor Rossukon Gonggate (Thailand)

One of Thailand's most well-known and beloved film personalities, Ngor had the opposite challenge of most--How do you turn success into meaning? At the top of her game, she found herself married to a man she didn't love, doing work that felt empty and pointless, and cried herself to sleep most nights, When her husband came close to choking her to death, that wake up call served as a turning point. In this remarkable chapter Ngor shares her story and the steps that led her out of misery into a life of meaning and purpose.


Chapter 4: Turning Your Challenges into Miracles
by Vivian Songe (Norway)

As I stood in my backyard—mid-city, mid-winter—lighting a two-by-two-meter pile of men’s clothing on fire, I popped the champagne. It made a muffled sound in the dark. Wearing only my best underwear, a black leather jacket, and long velour boots, I saw his red shirt—his favorite, only one week old—being devoured by the flames under the moon. I heard the fire crackle as it took a toll on his boxers in the snow, hoping that no one would report me to the police. I had never been this intensely open to all of my feelings: sad, angry, disappointed, disillusioned, enraged, and . . .  strangely happy. I felt free.

Through experiences like this one, Vivian Songe discovered that life's greatest traumas can also be the most valuable things to share through writing. In this chapter, Vivian describes how she's helped countless people discover the treasures in their stories and turn them into an income.


Chapter 5: Out of Hiding, Into the Sun
by Heidi Tuokila (Finland)

"Blood spread on the black asphalt, turning it into a dark, red pool. An ambulance came with flashing lights and took him away. I was left alone in the inky black night thinking: It was all MY fault." Thus begins Heidi Tuokila's story of seeking love only to have it destroy her life and then serve as the impetus for her to rediscover herself. In this remarkable story of redemption, you'll discover a pathway to your own rediscovery and rejuvenation. You'll have the chance to take Heidi's SPICES quiz, to discover how SPICY your life is and how to spice it up.

Miki Ikatura

Chapter 6: Finding the Way Home
by Miki Ikatura (Japan)

After living on the street from the age of 12, Miki was placed in a foster home where she was punched and kicked daily. She vowed to one day help kids like her. Her story will tear your heart out and then inspire you as you follow her journey to create a groups of homes in Japan that serve abandoned kids, single mothers, and the elderly who are left alone. 

Toyokazu Tsuruta

Chapter 7: When Work is Misery . . . Finding the Way Out
by bestselling author, Toyokazu Tsuruta (Japan)

Toyokazu Tsuruta worked as a career coach at Microsoft and became frustrated because "the rules" didn't let him truly help his clients. So he set out on his own and found the path was a rocky one. Running his own consulting business, he tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. He was under so much stress that at one point he became partially paralyzed. Then you'll read how he made a dramatic shift so that now over 200,000 people have read his books and he is a well-respected coach and trainer in Japan.


Chapter 8: From Existing to Thriving
by Julia Tseng (Taiwan)

Even though she'd been given management of the "big" project at Huawei, Juilia came to work angry every day. Her daily life was a series of challenging meetings that left her frustrated and despairing. She went home late every night, turned on the TV and drank herself to sleep. You'll read about the shift that happened and the steps she took her that transformed her life into the happy, passionate life she lives today.


Chapter 9: The Art of Making Wise Choices
by Isa Zhang (China)

Frightened and nervous, Isa had a deep desire to speak and even to give presentations to thousands of people. You'll read about how she stayed up for 48 hours straight to be prepared, then fell asleep on her way to her presentation. Isa realized that the key was gaining the ability to make good, wise decisions and you'll see the process she developed to do that so you can apply it in your own life. 


Chapter 10: 4 Steps to Find Your Path to Happy
by Julia Cain (USA)

As a teenager, the trauma of being in a military family, moving from place to place, and then her parents getting a divorce, drove Julia to drugs. She became a heroin addict, went through periods of homelessness, and spent more time in jails, prisons, and rehab centers then she could count. When she finally got off drugs she met and married a man she thought would be her knight in shining armor. But after seven years she felt imprisoned yet again and the marriage fell apart. Today she is retired from her career as top corporate executive who has used these difficult circumstances to create a truly miraculous life. You'll take the journey with her and learn how to turn devastation into opportunity in your own life. 

Kyoko Kazemichi

Chapter 11: Finding Harmony . . . in Work and Life
by Kyoko Kazemichi (Japan)

As a teacher who deeply cares, her students were her own greatest teachers. You'll read how Kyoko struggled trying to find ways to support her students who had low self-esteem, who couldn't do what the other students could, and the shifts those students helped her make so her own life has become richer and fuller. In this chapter, she lays out sound advice for any student of life to overcome the challenges that you may have been dealt. 


Chapter 12: Rising from the Ashes
by Brigida Lanzani (Argentina)

They called her into school. "Your 8-year old son has traits of autism," they told her. Now this, on top of a 15 year marriage that seemed get angrier and more difficult with each passing year. You'll learn how Brigida was able to save her marriage and support her son so he has become a well-adjusted, happy young man. 


Chapter 13: Recovering from Disaster
by Tomomi Tsukiyama (Japan)

Her family was about to lose everything. Her father's business had failed, he was over $750,000 in debt and they nowhere to go. Then a miracle happened. Or was it a miracle? Perhaps it was a lesson learned from the way her father ran his business that produced a miracle when it was most needed. You'll love learning how Tomomi's life turned around with this lesson and how you can use it to create your own miracles. 


Chapter 14: Turning Performance Pressure into Workday Pleasure
by Andrea Danner (Germany)

Pressure, pressure, and more pressure. Financial pressure after her divorce, pressure to be a good Mom to her girls, pressure to make a new career on her own. Andrea didn't think she could handle it any more. Then she discovered the key that changed everything. Now a well-respected corporate consultant with major corporate clients throughout Europe, you'll discover how Andrea's lessons can be your own salvation. 


Chapter 15: From Heartbreak to Happiness
by Akiko Kaneko (Japan)

Wracked with guilt after having an abortion, Akiko didn't know how she could go on. But go on she did. Little by little, she rebuilt her life to become a school principal and introduce innovative programs to the Japanese educational system. If guilt is holding you back and making your life miserable, then you don't want to miss this chapter. 


Chapter 16: Like a Phoenix
by Tou Suppunabul (Thailand)

A successful business journalist, Tou didn't want to live any more. Her life felt meaningless and pointless. She wondered, "How did end up hating what was once my dream job?" Over time, she began to learn some tools she shares with you in this chapter that transformed her life into one that is filled with joy and excitement and can transform your life as well. 

Emi Edwards

Chapter 17: From Red Ink to Clear Sailing
by Emi Edwards (Japan)

She fell in love with an American man. He was the light of her life. The teacher who inspired her and helped her gain new insights on life. She was so happy. Until they discovered he had cancer. Her life came crashing down. Emi shares her pain, her struggles, and the shifts she was forced to make to support her husband and restore her own happiness. She will help you pass through the shadow of seeing your loved ones suffering. 


Chapter 18: From Darkness to Light . . . Discovering Your Inner Compass
by Shinoka (Japan)

A senior manager at Sony, Shinoka, was well-respected, successful, with a promising career. But she'd been forced to live and thrive in a masculine world and her beautiful feminine nature was so hidden that she struggled in her relationships with men. Realizing that the working world was forcing her into a mold that was destroying her deepest inner nature, she took a new path. Now she's awakened the divine feminine within her and inspires students around the world to find tap into their own deep inner nature. 


Chapter 19: The Power of Words to Transform Heartache into Joy
by Marron Hoshino (Japan)

When her husband was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, Marron was devastated. In this beautiful story, you'll discover how this tragic situation became one of her greatest blessings. It led her to become an award-winning poet who's work has inspired thousands. 


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Step-by-step instructions to learn this meditation for true happiness which has been taught for over 2600 years by Brahminism and the Buddha himself when he was Prince Siddhārtha.

BONUS 9: Video About the Current State of Education

Akiko (Ackey) Kaneko is the principal of a public elementary school. This is an important video of Ackey and Mr. Kotaro Hisui, who has published multiple bestsellers in Japan, and has been sharing his perspectives with many people, talking about the current state of education.