Terms & Conditions

Enlightened Alliances, LLC (EA) provides quality, world-class programs, products and support. Each program and product requires extensive preparation and coordination with our staff, suppliers and other providers.


A full refund is available within 15 days of purchase. If a participant has registered for a course that begins in less than 30 days, no refunds are available. If you wish to cancel your enrollment within the 15-day period, please notify our office in writing by emailing your cancellation to info@thepassiontest.com.

If we have promoted a different refund timeline for a specific product, the promotional offer for that product will be applied, overriding our general terms, as described here.


If you are unable to attend the course that you registered for then you may transfer to another course at no charge up to 30 days before the start of the course. Transfers, for any reason, occurring 30 days or less prior to the start of the course will incur a USD $500 re-booking fee. This includes transfers for the following courses: Passion Test Facilitator Certification, Passion Test for Business Facilitator Certification courses, Adult Passion Test for Kids & Teens Facilitator Certification, and Master Trainer program. When transferring courses, if the fee is lower than the original course fee paid there will be no refund. If fee is higher in price, then the difference must be paid. You have 18 months from the time of registration to complete your course if EA still offers that program. If a program is no longer offered, EA reserves the right to give you the opportunity to apply your payment to other EA products or programs. Suspended enrollments that exceed 18 months will be forfeited.


At times EA must cancel certain training courses due to unforeseen circumstances. This decision will be made 30 days in advance. At this time, you will have the opportunity to transfer to another course (at no charge) and EA will reimburse you for your airline change fee of up to USD $200. If there is no rescheduling resolution, you may request in writing a refund of your course fee up to 15 days before the original course start date. No refunds are available after this date.


Enrollment in any course is not confirmed until at least one payment has been made. Completion of a registration form does not confirm your enrollment until you receive an email confirmation receipt.


A minimum 50% of the tuition fee is due prior to the course start date. A 6-payment option is therefore not available if the course commences less than 3 months from the first payment date. Payments will be processed every 30 days on the same day each month with the first payment to be processed on the day of enrollment or on an agreed date within 15 days of the enrollment date. An additional USD $40 administrative fee will be applied to each individual payment for payment plans of two or more installments made by credit card, PayPal, check, cash, money order or bank wire. For example, if there are 3 installments an additional USD $120 administrative fee will apply.


You are responsible for any bank transfer (wire) fees charged by your bank.


Contact Customer Service at 1-833-437-0933  or info@thepassiontest.com or your Passion Test National Director.


All course fees will be charged to your credit card in U.S. Dollars. Credit card charges for foreign currency conversion, if any, are your responsibility.


If you received any products with this offer, you must obtain advance authorization and instructions prior to returning them by emailing info@thepassiontest.com. Such products must be returned in excellent and complete condition within 30 days prior to a refund being processed. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.


If you enrolled in any of The Passion Test Programs to be mentored, you acknowledge that a monthly recurring charge will be processed as described for that specific program. Membership in any of the Passion Test Programs can be cancelled at anytime, though no credit will be awarded and you have the option to complete your participation for the remainder of the current period for which you have paid. In no case will you receive credit for calls already conducted. All cancellations must be in writing and delivered by email or mail. Voice-mail and phone calls do not constitute written cancellation notice. Cancellation notice will be deemed to be the date on which EA receives written notification.


A charge of USD $35 applies in cases of payment default. Default means either a check or money order is returned for insufficient funds. If any installment payment should default, you have seven (7) days to rectify the situation. If a default is not remedied within the designated time, your membership/participation may be placed on hold until reactivated. If you should default on any installment payment, your membership/participation will be suspended until the balance of payments due are paid in full. If full payment is not received within 18 months, then funds you have paid are forfeited.

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