Step #2: Scoring Your Passions

You've taken the first step into living a fuller life, by discovering the passions that matter most to you. 

If you felt the value of this process, I'm sure you want your family and friends to get the same value for their own lives, so please have them take The Passion Test, as well, while it's still free (for a limited time). 

The next step is getting honest with yourself to what degree you are actually doing the things that matter most. In the 3 1/2 minute video below, my Master Trainer, Radha Patel, will guide you in how to score your passions and how to evaluate the results. 

Isn't that a wonderful process? You can't fail! Whether your scores are high or low, you learn more about where your attention has been going.

If your scores on some passions are high, you know that you've been making those passions a priority. If some scores are low, that means you haven't been giving attention to some things that are very important to you so now you can start to prioritize those things. 

And if you feel you need more help with truly living your passions, there are three courses we can recommend:

  • Your Passion Plan: This self-paced course will guide you through all the steps of the Passion Test process. When you're finished you'll have a level of clarity and confidence about your life's direction that few people enjoy. You'll also have tools to deal with the inevitable ups and downs along your journey. Because we've recommitted ourselves to raising the numbers of people who are living life aligned with their passions, we've reduced the course fee from $497 to $197 when you enroll now. Click here to get this special price.

  • Undoing Your Limiting Beliefs: What prevents most people from following their passions? Their engrained beliefs. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you sabotage yourself or have trouble believing you can really have what you dream of?

    In this live online course, I'll guide you through the principles of identifying the beliefs that create suffering in your life, and then working with them until they disappear. The course fee for this live, online seminar is: $297 (limited seating, sign-up to be on the waiting list, no obligation). Click here to join the waiting list for "Undoing Your Limiting Beliefs."

  • Mastering Self-Love: After more than 20 years of coaching people to live a passionate, fulfilled life, I learned that when you don't love yourself, don't believe in yourself, don't have confidence in yourself, it's almost impossible to choose in favor of your passions. 

    In this live online course, I'll guide you through a collection of tools that will transform the way you see yourself, will help you identify old patterns early so you can change them, and free you to live life full out. Course fee: $295 (limited seating, sign up to be on the waiting list, no obligation. Click here to join the waiting list for "Mastering Self-Love."

If you have questions about The Passion Test or any of the courses above, please feel free to reach out to my team at

To your passionate life!!