Thank you for ordering a copy of The Door to Inner Happiness - an inspirational book from the authors of The New York Times bestsellers The Passion Test, & Your Hidden Riches with contributions from a powerhouse of international transformational leaders...

Secrets from Around the World for
When Everything's Going Wrong

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  • The Passion Test

    “Have you had those moments when it feels like everything's going wrong all at once? Then 'The Door to Inner Happiness' is for you. It's filled with amazing stories from authors all over the world describing how they got through the most challenging of times with great advice on how you can get through your own catastrophes.”

    #1 NY Times bestselling author, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason

  • The Passion Test

    “Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood have brought together an extraordinary collection of authors from all over the world whose stories about overcoming  life's challenges will leave you deeply moved.   These remarkable people will also inspire you to not give up no matter how big your challenges may appear and will give you the courage and the tools to find your own way back home.”

    Founder and CEO, Yes to Success Seminars

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BONUS 1: "From Sad to Glad" eBook

"An incredibly fun, practical, and helpful book for restoring joy when it is lost!"
—Dr. John Gray, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus

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BONUS 2: "I Want for You What You Want for You" eBook

21 daily audio meditations to culture unconditional love, for yourself and those you care most about. Includes beautiful complimentary ebook.

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BONUS 3: Masterclass - "Build Profitability Into Your Online Coaching or Consulting Practice"

This masterclass with Julia Cain is for you if you have an online coaching or consulting practice and you would like it to be meaningful AND profitable.

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BONUS 4: 7 Steps to Purify Yourself and Awaken Your Inner Goddess by Shinoka

This online class includes seven steps you need to purify yourself with pure light, to feel beloved by the Universe, and to live in the reality you want.

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BONUS 5: 7 Secrets to Becoming
a Freelance Magazine Writer

Do you dream of sharing your unique message with the world? Vivian Songe's specialty is to help life-changers just like you tap into their true WHY and express it in writing. That's why she created The Magazine Writer's Academy. In this e-book you will get all of the tips you need to get started, including how to find great article ideas, how to use a professional article template, and not the least: How to pitch your story to an editor and get a YES. Enjoy! 

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BONUS 6: Radiant and Turned On Video Call

Spend a few hours with Heidi Mirella doing different visualization, breathing and other exercises to get you started on your journey to the real you. Find your radiance and own your turn on!

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BONUS 7: 20 Minute Free Consultation to Clarify Your Career Path with Andrea Danner

The A-R-T of Performance Process. A - Acknowledge your passion! R - Release your potential! T - Take charge of living your life fully!

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BONUS 8: Vipassana Meditation with Rossukon Gonggate

Step-by-step instructions to learn this meditation for true happiness which has been taught for over 2600 years by Brahminism and the Buddha himself when he was Prince Siddhārtha.

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BONUS 9: Video About the Current State of Education

Akiko (Ackey) Kaneko is the principal of a public elementary school. This is an important video of Ackey and Mr. Kotaro Hisui, who has published multiple bestsellers in Japan, and has been sharing his perspectives with many people, talking about the current state of education.

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