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The Passion Test book

The NY Times bestseller that will enthrall you with Janet's adventures as she followed her passions to India and Nepal PLUS guide you through the powerful Passion Test process to discover your top 5 passions. 


Enlightened Bestseller

Enlightened Bestseller - 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Self-Help Book

Written by three NY Times bestselling authors and their marketing guy, this easy-read ebook will teach you the insider tips and secrets that will help you write and promote your own bestselling book.



From Sad to Glad - 7 Steps for Facing Change with Love and Power

Learn how to deal with anything life may throw at you with ease and grace. This fun ebook will teach you powerful tools for transforming problems into blessings.


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Create Your Bestseller for Coaches

Are You Finally Ready to Write Your Book and
Become a Bestselling Author?

"Learn How from Two New York Times Bestselling Authors...
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What You'll Learn

Lesson 1 - Target Your Market and Clarify Your Message

Books that try to appeal to everyone are generally read by almost no one. The clearer your target, the more focused your message, the more successful your message. In this lesson, we'll guide you through identifying your target readers, creating your reader avatar, and creating a clear message that will appeal to them.

Lesson 2 - Building Your Platform Starting Now!

Your book is just one way to deliver your message. To make your book successful, you need a platform that allows you to reach large numbers of people. In this session, we'll guide you through how to identify the best ways to expand your reach for your book. 

Lesson 3 - Tips and Tools to Make Writing Easy

For some of us, sharing our message is easy, but writing our book is hard. In this session, we'll give you tools and techniques to overcome writer's block, structure your book, organize your content, and make writing fun.

Lesson 4 - Finding an Agent and a Publisher

When you've built your platform and established your message, how do you find a great agent and get a publisher to publish your book? What can you expect from your publisher? How will having a commercial publisher help you expand your reach? We'll answer all these questions and more. 

Lesson 5 - Creating Alliances to Leverage Your Reach

Let's face it. You can't create a bestselling book on your own. How do you build the relationships that will help you launch your book and extend its reach? How do you know who to partner with? How do you get in the door with people who are really busy or so famous they seem untouchable? This session will cover everything you need to know about creating the alliances that can ensure your book's success.

Lesson 6 - How to Launch Your Book

You've written your book. You've got your publisher. You've created alliances. Now how do you hit the bestseller lists? You'll need to sell 12,000 - 15,000 books in one week to even be considered for the New York Times bestseller list. How do you make sure you can do that? This session will give you the tools you need to create a hugely successful book launch.

Lesson 7 - How You Make Money as an Author . . . Creating Your Backend

Sorry to disappoint, but it's unlikely that you'll become wealthy as an author. If you want to create an income that will sustain you from sharing your message, you have to create a backend. In this session, we'll guide you through what that requires and how to create a structure that will generate a substantial income for many years. 

You'll Get These Additional Bonus Interviews
When You Enroll Today!!

The Secrets of Persuasive Story-Telling with Carol Kline, Top writer for Jack Canfield, Gay Hendricks, Marci Shimoff and others (Value: $97)

Making an Impact with PR with two separate interviews, one with Dean Draznin and the other with Jackie Lapin, both heads of leading PR agencies (Value: $194)

What Publishers are Looking For with two separate interviews, one with Rick Frishman, Publisher of Morgan James Publishing and David Hancock, CEO and Founder of Morgan James Publishing (Value: $194)

How My First Book Became a #1 New York Times Bestseller with Penache Desai, author of Discovering Your Soul Signature (Value: $97)

How I Became a New York Times Bestselling Author with Ellen Rogin, NY Times bestselling author of Picture Your Prosperity (Value: $97)

Prepare Yourself for the Media with Shawne Duperon, Media Coach(Value: $97)

Inside the Publishing Industry with Scott Hoffman, co-founder of Folio Literary Services, one of the largest and most successful New York literary agencies (Value: $97)

Total Value of the Bonus Interviews: $1,773

PLUS you'll get these additional resources . . .

Contact List with All the Resources You'll Need to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book--Including editors, social media experts, PR experts, media coaches, marketing training, graphic designers, and much more

Techniques for Overcoming Writer's Block--What 12 famous writers say works for them to overcome writer's block

7 Insider Secrets for Creating a Successful Online Business--Chris Attwood teaches this easy-to-follow course with the essentials for monetizing your message online

How to Create a Great Query Letter--Get the scoop on how to pitch your book to literary agents and publishers

If you're ready to share your message with the world and catapult your coaching or consulting practice to a whole new level of success, then this course is for you.