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Taught by Janet Attwood

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Sisterhood Planet

An interactive forum where you can connect, commune, and collaborate with diverse women from around the world.

Our Global Sisters are seeing results and creating breakthroughs in these areas:
* Finding and living your passion (even if it’s currently a mystery to you)
* Learning simple and effective ways to practice inspiring self-care
* Being an inspiration to others in your life and giving back.
* Accessing wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to get clarity and direction
* Becoming part of the solution, make a difference and have a global impact
* Understanding the forces impacting your life so you can make timely decisions
* Implementing a plan and take action in a supportive environment
* Discovering rituals to deepen your ability to honor, respect, and forgive yourself
* Collaboration opportunities with like-minded women across the planet
* Taking massive action for yourself, for the Sisterhood, and for the world
* Receiving loving support to nurture your soul
* Getting out of loneliness, fear, and overwhelm, and ready to make a significant contribution
* Accountability to stay on track in achieving your goals and get through any blocks that want to keep you stuck
* Getting access to original content and practical tools for your growth
* Discover who you really are and know yourself deeply!
… and so much more!

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